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Larry and Judi Keefauver have been in ministry for over 40 years. Both have extensive experience in counseling and mentoring. Their three adult children are married, are actively living for the Lord and are parenting 6 grandchildren. Judi and Larry actively travel internationally leading seminars and conferences on family, marriage, parenting, church leadership and spiritual growth. They have an international TV program, Family Forum, seen throughout Taiwan, China, Korea and on the Internet.

Dr. Larry Keefauver with degrees from the University of Pennsylvania and Texas Christian University is professionally and educationally trained in pastoral counseling and Judi is a registered nurse. Best-selling family books include: Lord I Wish My Family Would Get Saved, The 77 Irrefutable Truths of Parenting (with Judi), Proactive Parenting—The Early Years, The 77 Irrefutable Truths of Marriage (with Judi), Lord I Wish My Teenage Would Talk With Me, and Lord I Wish My Husband Would Pray with Me. Judi’s devotional book for women is Be.

With over 2.5 million books worldwide in over 11 languages, Dr. Keefauver is the noted author of Inviting God’s Presence, When God Doesn’t Heal Now, Experiencing the Holy Spirit, The 77 Irrefutable Truths of Ministry, Hugs for Grandparents, Hugs for Heroes, Commanding Angels—Invoking the Standing Orders, From the Oval Office: Prayers of the Presidents, The 77 Irrefutable Truths of Prayer and Friend to Friend.

Dr. Keefauver writes extensively for Christian magazines and is a contributing editor for Ministry Today, Kairos and Harvest Times. Dr. Keefauver is a member of the International Coalition of Apostles, the TLC-IAN Network and the Open Bible Faith Fellowship. He and Judi live in Kula, Hawaii and partner in marketplace ministry ventures nationally and internationally. Larry and Judi teach counseling, marriage and family in Beacon University and CLEN.

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