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Understand Your Season
Understand Your Season

Understand Your Season, Know God's Timing, Keep Your Divine Appointments: Receive All God has for you NOW!

Lifestyle—are you so busy today doing good things that you are missing God’s ideas for you?

Look around and you will see that the people around you seem to be endlessly rushing through life. They are busy doing good things instead of being deliberate in doing God things. Are you one of these people? The enemy, the devil, will keep you so busy doing what’s good that you will never get around to doing what’s God. You end up spending your days rushing, hurrying, worrying and becoming stressed out.

If this is you, then now more than ever you need this book!

Item code Understand Your Season
ISBN 1-893301-27-3
Author Dr. Larry Keefauver
Publisher PowerHouse Families
Price $5.00
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